Monday, July 12, 2010

When crisis crashes you down.

Often times we wonder, we fret, we whine, we grumble, find faults in others and do whatever that could possibly make us happier.

Trust me, everyone does.

I've just came into realization that when it comes to writing diaries. Girls? We are the expertise. Maybe or maybe not but let me do my presumptions.

"Dear diary, sorry for abandoning you for the last few couple of days"

is the most popular line among us girls. Am I right? Do correct me if im not.

Ohmy this is so random isn't it? Its not even in the topic. Well, let the brain juice flow. Good for the brain ;)




Why daddy? Its been years, and I still do not understand. What's your final verdict? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Oh and on another note: Girls, NEVER let the guys lay their hands on you. NEVER.
Once bitten, twice shy. Keep that in mind.


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