Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sometimes thing just happen for a reason? THIS IS FUCKING BULLCRAP!

There's always days when everything just turns out so good; you dont feel like a big fat pig being wrapped around some bloody old-fashioned piece of cloth, you don't have a Bad-Hair-Day, everybody that you pass by just tend to give you the 3second stare, you just feel so confident and glad that things just sail so smoothly. Ya get what I mean?

And when things turn out bad, like really bad. Its like karma's biting you on your ass for no fucking reason. And you just dont feel like talking to anybody, not even your boyfriend. You get pissed and offended so fucking easily. Ahhh, nothing's right. And here comes Dad- the terror. He just ruins everything. Oh this feels so fucking good man.

OH AND NOT FORGETTING THAT MY FACEBOOK & EMAIL ACCOUNT GOT HACKED ON THE SAME FUCKING DAY. Yes, same fucking day baby! Anything else? C'mon. Gimme more. Ahhhhh!

And knowing that the love of your life's leaving in 2weeks time. time flies a lil too fast doesnt it? Go slow, please!

And this is the day when i just have to say


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