Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eat Clean, Train Dirty.


Yes, I am back on my usual workout regime. Hitting the gym at least 4-5 times a week isn't as easy as you think it is (the amount of snoozing and the constant self-persuasion; YOU HAVE NO IDEA). Also been cooking at home and eating extremely blunt food (literally TASTELESS). Hard-boiled eggs or half-boiled in the morning, steamed chicken ( and when I say steamed chicken, I really mean just plain damn steamed ones - no added preservatives nor flavoring), chick peas, boiled/non-oil grilled potatoes and aplenty of vegetables plus fruits. Diet like that with no water or fruits gonna cause me constipation and hell no am killin myself like that. So, yup.. LOTS and LOTS of water and fruits. 

For a start, you can start with just slowly cutting down your carbs, portion by portion and reduce your sugar and sodium intake. That includes all the unnatural fruit juices, cakes or whatnot. Oh yes, fries too. NO MORE FAST FOOD FOR YOU. This is entirely up to you. No force, only self-willing. 

But then of course, I ain't to iron lady. I do have my 'cheat' days at Chilis or Nandos or maybe just a slice of my all time fav red velvet cake. Your body deserves a lil treat, IF you've been working hard. It works both ways ;) 

I will be posting up another post dedicated to all 'fitness fem' out there. Girls, DON'T starve yourself. Healthy dieting DON'T work that way ;) 

More meals, smaller portions. By right, 6 meals a day so that you won't feel TOO HUNGRY when its time for your next meal- you do the calculation ;) 

#1. From my point of view. 
#2. My favourite Berry Crush with reduced sorbet. 
#3. Stir-fried cabbage + eggs + steamed corn. 

#4. Took me at least 5 times to perfect my skills. First few trials were epic failure. 

#5. An average 20mins of boiling should do :)
#6. No caption.
#7. Again, stir-fried cabbage with hard boiled eggs.
#8. Stir fried cabbage with eggs and chick peas.
I know what you're thinking, I have cabbage in most of my meals. HAHA. Its a good start to attempt real cooking. Gonna research more on various recipies and will start exploring in the kitchen. But as for now, I'll just play safe ;)

#9. Progress: Dissatisfaction. Intensify!
#10. Just began taking supplements. Body needs some nutrients from all these crazy workouts and light meals.
You won't believe this, as contradicting as it may seem.. my mind is actually thinking of maggie goreng and tomyum soup as I'm writing this post. Oh no, tummy just grumbled real loud. Its 3.04am and I'm supposed to be in dreamland, fair enough. Will just wait till the sun rise and then rush downstairs for a good breakfast. 

Don't succumb into unhealthy eating if you love your body! 



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