Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Contagious Rants

Finally a much more personalized post in between all that advertorials. YES! I'm not sure if most of you actually even read my blog (especially wordy posts like the Eversoft and Lion City 2012), well regardless- I am going to proceed with my midnight ranting session. Since its 12.43am right now and I need to be up by 7am for gym tomorrow morning. 

Nonetheless, its been months since I've shared my life experiences on my blog. Its hard to be personal really, especially when people are being so damn judgmental these days. But its not like I should be bothered. I'm just happy with the way I am with things. Watched The Secret documentary the other day, and all that I absorbed from it was 'THE LAW OF ATTRACTION". Funny how I was introduced to it perhaps 10 years ago (yep, and Physics was dreadful I tell you!),  and never realized the the impact of that simple Newton's Law. 


I've been getting alot of questions like "How's the competition coming along?", "Are the girls nice to you?", "Omg babe, how come you never told me you joined!", and the list goes on. LOL you probably don't even know what I'm actually talking about. But yeah, I pulled out from the X TOP MODEL 2012 TOP 10 Finalist. Not because I wasn't interested. Trust me, my heart almost dropped when I received the call saying that I was shortlisted by the Hong Kong board. Like dude, who wouldn't be excited? 

But, duty calls. I really couldn't take SIX LONG WEEKS off my uni. Even Beautycamp was only for a month. And since I'm almost entering third year of uni, things are really getting challenging and there are just so much duties and responsibilities that I have to take in. And SIX WEEKS away from all of that, I just couldn't deal with it. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't upset. But I believe better opportunities would come in the near future. 

I've always believed that studies should come first and it has always been my FIRST priority. I'm sticking with that ;) 

Well, come to think of it. I probably have made the right choice. I have so much more time for myself and to do things that I never thought I would. They say- THERE'S NO SECOND CHANCES. I am not rebutting but there's no harm letting go of something that would perhaps be a leap of even better chances in future. Sacrifices have to be made- and somebody has gotta do it! :) 

Oh and fyi, the girl in the pictures- LOUISE HYDE. We both pulled out from the TOP 10 and we've never looked back since. She's just flown to London to pursue her art course and I've just received a good news that she's booked for the upcoming Pakistan Fashion Week in London. You see what I mean? ;) 

And if you must know, these pictures are taken by a very talented friend of mine, Bella. Check out her work on FB - Xbellanotte Photography. This 18-year old has so much to offer. Can't wait to see her bloom! 

Bed's calling. Alarm's gonna go off in about 6 hours from now and I would be deprived of sleep for the rest of my Wednesday. And if I snooze, I'd miss the gym. Enough of my rants. Contagious ;P 

I've more pictures to share soon! Go to bed ;) xx 

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