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Beauty Review | Face Factors Clinic

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. Well, if you put no effort in grooming yourself then I'm sorry- even staying beautiful needs effort and time. Its undeniable to say that beauty is skin deep.  Yes, but TO A CERTAIN EXTEND. Imagine meeting a girl -  her hair's undone, her legs are unshaved (very hairy!), eyebrows untrimmed, terrible skin, and face filled with zits and blemishes ( I heard you say 'Eww!'). No, I don't wanna imagine. But you get the idea, yes? 

Hence, WE (Yes, I'm being sexually universal. Men and women!) must know that its essential to first learn how to groom our bodies. As important as knowing how to dress up may be, health and hygiene is still my ultimate priority. Because at the end of the day- once you strip all that clothes off your skin, you'd only be in your sexy birthday suit- and you'd want your other half to long for more of your sexy, flawless body ;) Correct me if I'm wrong! 

And you know what, Face Factors is here for the rescue! 

[According to their official Facebook page]
Face Factors is a premier aesthetic and wellness clinic located in the latest city hub- Publika, Solaris Dutamas @ Mont Kiara. Face Factors offers a complete range of services ranging from advanced aesthethic and anti-aging solutions, unique body treatments and hand and nail therapies. 

"Its a one-stop center for beautification services set in an ultra-stylish yet comfortable and relaxing atmosphere" - Face Factors Clinic. 

I was astonished when I met Selina, the Director of Face Factors Clinic. She's as flawless as she could be. And trust me, she may be twice my age but she looked so radiant and young- I couldn't believe my eyes. She was donned in little black dress the day I met her and I totally eye-witnessed how guys would get hooked onto her every time she walks by. The power of beauty! A role model that all women should adore. Feel beautiful inside out- life is too short to look ugly! And that's how I was gracefully introduced to Face Factors Clinic. #thestoryofmylife 

Its very rarely that you find a Beauty Clinic that provides services like FaceFactors do. Nonetheless, I was introduced to the Aroma Slimming Scrub. I have always had the 'cellulite' issue regardless of how regularly I work out, which annoys me. I know I'm not the one who's facing this very typical 'girl-problem'. Hence, I tried out the treatment and see how it'd turn out! 

At a certain point of your life, every woman will be faced by problems that plagues most of their lives due to the effects of cellulite. This Aroma Slimming Scrub treatment helps to improve the blood circulation and exfoliates unwanted properties on your skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. 

The scrub treatment will draw out excess water from the region whilst moisturizing the skin's surface. It combines the use of aromatic ingredients that will not only sure your skin feeling firmer but also gives you a peaceful state of mind after the long well-deserved treatment. 

The therapist massaged my entire body with the aromatic essential massage oil as a start. And then, she gently wiped it away and went onto the next step; the aromatic slimming scrub! The whole massage and exfoliation session was approximate a good 30minutes. The sea salt were some moderately fine granules and as she massaged onto my skin with the designated glove, I felt like a snake changing skin- in a good way ;)

My entire body was well-scoured and believe me, you'll long for more after that. I was then wrapped in the Hot Thermal Blanket whilst still being covered with the sea salt ( try imagine). I hate to say this, I've never liked being wrapped around like a dumpling especially in the hot thermal blanket (did I mention it was for a dreadful 30minutes?!). But the aftermath is WORTH IT! Beauty has its price to pay, no? 

I actually feel into a deep slumber. And I was awaken by a terrible daymare (since it was only 3 noon) where (in my dream) I was being thrown into a hot bowl of soup -.- ITS SO SILLY I KNOW. But I guess, its the thermal blanket (LEGIT, IT WAS!). Couldn't help but to laugh at myself while sweating like I just took a dip in the hotspring. 

 [p/s: These pictures were taken by the beauty therapist] 

I was treated with a good long massage after getting rid of the thermal blanket. Nonetheless, I could feel my skin was alot firmer and I believe I just produced a bucket full of salty sweat back there. Haha. But, rest assured- it was well worth it. I am definitely looking forward to the Lymphatic Drainage Body Contouring Massage & Parafango Seaweed Wrap! Being constantly exposed to the air-conditioned room and scorching hot weather is no fun ;( 

I'm looking forward to my next visit to FaceFactors Clinic already.

Here's some general information on the services that Face Factors Clinic offers :- 

BTA for Wrinkle Relaxer 
BTA for Reshaping 
Injectable Fillers 
Placenta Therapy Package 
Vitamin C Theraphy + Glutathione 
Glycolic Peel 
PRP (Platelet Rich Protein) for Rejuvenation 
Cosmelan Peel for Pigmentation

TCA Peel 

1/2 Body 
Full Body 

Manicure & Pedicure Services 
Elegant Manicure 
Nail Polish Change Color 
Nail Buffing 
Relaxing Pedicure 

Natural Single Eyelash Extension 
Natural or thick volume (2 in 1) 

Full leg 
Half leg 

If you want to call up for an appointment or make a visit to the clinic:- 

Face Factors Clinic (Publika)
D3-G4-2, No.1, Solaris Dutamas, 
Jalan Dutamas, Sri Hartamas 50480, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Contact : 03-62053508
Email :


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