Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maggy Wears: COVETZ

I'm pretty sure COVETZ is no stranger to most of my followers/readers. One of my favorite go-to online boutique. I've said this again and again. But I really must say it again! The apparels from COVETZ are top-notch and the materials they use are, of great quality (duh!). Not gonna waste time blabbering, but do check out my previous post on COVETZ if you havent. 

This time around, I got myself 2 dresses for the different occasions I had. It was such a late minute request, but the amazing COVETZ team still managed to deliver it ON TIME. Ever greatful for such great sports! xx 

Remember my sneak peek shot on the dress couple of weeks ago? Yup! This is the one. I've always loved bare back dresses. But this one is something different as it is not over revealing in the front, just a slight cut-out at the back. Perfect for any occasion! If you don't want to show the back, just wear a pastel color cardigan and all's good. But the special feature of this dress is the cut-out back; so its best worn just like that! Not forgetting the subtle tutu fringe around the waistline. Feels like a baby ballerina all over again! 

" Oh no, grand event tonight and I've got no proper dress to wear! Maxi dresses? They're all too flowery :( How now brown cow? " 

 But this One Shoulder Maxi Dress with Kimono Sleeves  totally saved my night! Fashion saviour- COVETZ did it again :P Simple yet elegant. LESS IS MORE they say? Trust me, its extremely comfortable and easy to wear! Perfect for F-F Days. Yea, I totally meant FEEL FAT DAYS. You know what I mean ;) xx 

Two thumbs up to COVETZ! Lots of love xx 

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