Sunday, August 22, 2010


Howdy y'all!

Hey its August, MERDEKA month! Wave your flag! haha. Patriotic much?

Anyways, life's been pretty dull these days ( or perhaps its just because I don't get to go out on a saturday night!) Not complaining :p

And Daddy Wang is back for the weekend- another contributing factor. So highschool ain't it? Sad but true. For the fact that I've just turned 18 a couple of months ago. Oh well.

Had this sudden urge to blog. Reasons? Not that I know of. I just know that i have this tendency of talking bullcraps when it comes to blogging. Shitty stuffs, heh.

Anyways, a lil something to update.

Remember the photoshoot that I attended couple of months ago?
Yes, the issue is out. Didnt know until Dorothy called me and went ' HEY YOUR ISSUE IS OUT!'

Not like I'm on the front cover or whatnot right. haha. Ohwell, whatever it is.
Yep its out. Check it out at your nearest bookstore!
(gosh, I'm sounding too much like an advertorial)

Seventeen September's Issue.

Thats Joy, the fashion writer on my left, your right :)
She's really nice.

Don't be surprised to see me turn 21 ( momentarily)
Age doesn't really matter does it?

& I'd like to thank Seventeen Mag for callin me in for the second time. Awe-insipiring experience :) Though i don't really dress up like that in reality. Nonetheless, loved it :)

So in the mean time, I'm TWENTY-ONE. So, who's up for the birthday bash?


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