Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is definitely a late post - blame the assignments and tests and the never ending hurdles!

So, it was the MAD CHARITY CONCERT 2010. (well, not too much off a hoohaa)

The thought of going never did struck me until one fine day. Aha ;) Thanks Dorothy, for the Exclusive invitation. Appreciated it alot.

Ahh, i'm pretty sure you guys have had your daily dose of nonsensical blabblers. There's definitely no need of any further explanation. One word says it all, MADNESS!

Venue: Euphoria by MOS @ Sunway.
Date: 30th July 2010
Time: 7pm till LATE!

Hosted by Qi Razali & Megan Tan (the winner of 8Tv Quickie Host Search)

shots of the night.
Credits to photographer Kinu Wong & Dorothy Caitlin for the invitation ;)

The choreographer of the dance-drama event, Ms. Judimar Hernandez.

Tony Eusoff.


Host of the night, Qi Razali.

Miss Malaysia World, Miss Thanuja Ananthan.

Local artists.

Mizz Nina.

Megan and myself.

Its was no doubt, a night to remember!

So many beautiful people, so little time.

p/s: And not forgetting to remind myself that ' ITS TIME TO START OFF THE INTENSE DIET PLAN !'

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