Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wishes & Dreams by BEBE


How often do we actually get our wishes and dreams fulfilled? How often do we even wish and dream for something? Well, I am probably the most ambitious person on the planet and by that, I mean .. I can wish and dream of the most impossible/outrageous/out of this world thing at anytime and anywhere. I kid you not :P Well, if you are (so happen) to share this incredible trait with me .. then read on ;) 

I don't mean to brag but, I somehow find myself to be constantly showered with blessings (don't wanna jinx it but I truly am thankful and blessed!) and this time, I totally chanced upon this opportunity that most people would literally WISH & DREAM for! And 'what exactly is it?' you may ask. Well, that I'll let the pictures tell the story. 

If I told you that it was my magical BEBE perfume that did the trick, would you believe me? ;) 

If I told you that it was the floral, fresh spicy, fruity and a touch of sensual woodscent that made me go into my deep sleep and hence, dreamt of what was supposed to be my lifelong wish and dream.. would you believe me? 

If you told you it was the 'infinity' symbol which also means eternal beauty and youth, that became my good luck charm .. would you believe me? Don't we all wish and dream for eternal beauty and youth? 

I'd say - YES YOU SHOULD BELIEVE ME! Afterall, wishes and dreams existed purely because of our human instincts, our believe in the Universe and our wholesome trust in everything that escalates our imagination far and beyond, no? 

First thing first, let me take you for a lil tour around the Wishes & Dreams that I personally experienced, just last weekend! And of course, along with my little bottle of magic potion ;) 

Philosophical talk aside, let's just talk a look at this bottle of sass, spice and everything nice! Ladies, I'm sure this bottle could come in handy especially during your first dates or even anniversaries. I find this perfume extremely eye-catching ; mainly because of the design of the bottle. Absolute love to the intricate design with a twist of sparking diamonds which embodies feminism and romanticism. How often do you come across perfume bottles as unique as this? With diamonds embellished along the the 'infinity' symbol, its high time you add some spark to your day with this wonderful bottle of wishes and dreams. I'm pretty sure your man would love it, because mine did! ;) 

For the men, if you're having a tough time picking which perfume to gift your loved one. You've come to your ultimate solution! This bottle of Wishes & Dreams by BEBE will leave you and your woman wanting for more. Make sure you spray some on her neck and tell her how good she smells ;) And after that.. it's all the magic of Wishes and Dreams! Trust me, I know ;) 

Well, if you're still wondering what exactly I wished and dreamed for ; I won't tell you just yet but for now, head over to the nearest Sephora, JuscoMetrojaya and Robinsons to get hold of your own bottle of Wishes and Dreams by BEBE. Priced at only RM 235 per bottle.  Like I said, it will only make you wish and dream for more ;) 

I've got my own bottle of Wishes & Dreams, and I shall urge you ladies ( men, take some initiatives!) to get yours too ;) This little magic potion really does wonder! xx 

"The composition is developed by Patricia Choux. Its opening bursts with juicy notes of bergamot, coral freesia and French pear. Voluptuous flowers in the heart include jasmine, wild violet and osmanthus. Opulent notes of exotic woods, musk and patchouli form a trail in the base. " - Fragrantica. 

"The bottle itself made me fall in love at first sight! I am absolutely in love with the intricate design, with a twist of sparkling diamonds embellished along the 'infinity' symbol. How often do we even come across a perfume bottle as unique as this?" - Yours Truly 

I've said whatever needs to be said. Why don't you get yourself a bottle of Wishes & Dreams by BEBE now at the nearest Sephora, Jusco, Metrojaya and Robinsons? It's definitely worth the buy! 

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts to find out what exactly did happen to me and my little bottle of magic potion! Well, one thing for sure - one of my many Wishes & Dreams has been taken off the list! ;) 

Here's to fulfilling more Wishes & Dreams, my beautiful ladies 

Till then! 

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