Friday, March 22, 2013

FMFA 2013

*no guarantee that the author is completely sober or mentally stable while writing this post. be prepared to encounter nonsensical statements throughout this post. 

Last week - today, I was frantically going thru my wardrobe thinking of what to wear to the rave. And phone wouldn't stop buzzing ; everyone was so bloody excited for FMFA! (duh). Good thing that I didn't drive there this time around. Thank god for amazing friends who actually took the time to plan for transportations. Because we all know about the whole parking conundrum in Sepang. Had the driver dropped us off right at the entrance! Talk about efficiency ;) 

If you're wondering why I'm kickstarting the post with a picture of my arse and silly Andy - well, I don't know why either. Not that I find it attractive - but just thought it would be much more eye-catching than a picture of ... er, the ticket? Oh - now I recall. We had this conversation about my 'arse' (yup, as in buttock/backside/butt/whatever else you call it) and I am typically very conservative. Therefore, the THREE pictures below were taken with quite a lot of effort ( by positioning my body and arse so they don't look too gigantic). I think ... you get my point, or maybe not. ANYWAY! Picture's taken during the pre-FMFA party at iDarts Hex, Scotts Garden. 

Special thanks to Asahi Malaysia & iDarts Malaysia for the VIP tickets! Had such a blast partying thru the night with world class music, and of course - my crazy party people x Wouldn't have my Friday celebrated any other way, really! Everything went well except for the 2 hour traffic which we endured prior to the rave. Well, 300 000 tickets SOLD OUT - what else could've happen if not the massive traffic headed towards Sepang right? 

Livvy x B 
Livvy x Jo 
Livvy x Yours truly 
Clarrissa x yours truly x Livvy x Jo x Fay 
B x yours truly x Livvy x (i cant remember) x Fay x DJ Bento 
Livvy x Paul x yours truly 

The night ended with 10 packets of maggie goreng, 5 roti telur & 5 roti canai - which I politely declined for taking ( AT FIRST) but ended up .. taking 2 packets home, and happily walloped em BEFORE BED! Guilty as charged -.- 

(but OH MY GOD, the maggie goreng was so damn good! no regrets :p ) 

The best part has yet to come. I remember waking up to an alarm ( had to rush for an important shoot by noon), and hence rushing and ransacking the house just so I could pack in time. And WHO KNEW.. WHO KNEW.. that I would actually trip and fell off the stairs - IN THE COMFORT OF MY OWN HOME?! ( even the doctor scratched his head) 

"How did you fall?" 

"Uhm, tripped and fell off the stairs, at home" 


Ask me no more! Yes - yet another episode of 'Maggy Mishap'. I am forever cursed with the CLUMSY spell -.-" I didn't know the fall would actually end up THIS bad. Not until the lump decided to bulge to the extend that my friend actually thought I had TWO knees, eww! And the bruise and swell did NOT happen until TWO days after the incident. 

Well, thank God I survived the week despite all the limping and pain. It's no longer as badly bruised but its still not very nice to look at! Thinking twice about attending Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge tomorrow night. Too shy to be wearing my new dress with the ugly swell/bruise! :( But if I happen to be there, will see you guys then! x 

Nonetheless, last week was such a blast at ASOT 600 KL. Kuala Lumpur is indeed stepping up a notch in terms of organizing parties/raves/concerts. Apparently Demi Lovato is in town too! I must admit though - I really can't keep up :P 

If you're partying this weekend - make sure you drive safe & party responsibly! xx 

Till then  

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