Monday, April 1, 2013

From Fat to Fit | How I did it?

I'm not here to brag, I'm not here to preach, but I'm here to share my experience on how the day I decided to devote myself into health and fitness has changed my life. 

I'm pretty sure many of you realize how much of a gym rat/ health freak I am. Though I still have my cheat & lazy days, I try my very best to keep track of my diet and fitness goals. Crazy schedules, time and mood can be a b*tch but if you put your heart and soul into it - nothing is impossible. 

I posted a picture of my current progress on Instagram weeks ago and I've received crazy amount of messages/comments on HOW I DID IT. And hence, this post - dedicated to all my readers, friends and family! I am no fitness guru, but I try. I read on fitness & health articles and learn from my gym buddies. Like I said, nothing is impossible and YOU are your own limit. 

I cannot guarantee that whatever I'm about to write is accurate but they are all of my own personal experience. Afterall, every individual react differently to different type of workouts/diets plus, different individuals have different type of metabolism and stamina. 

This is definitely NOT the peak of my body status. I am still working my way to achieving my dream bod. Afterall, work in progress is better than nothing, no? 

So, how exactly did I do it? 

1. Eat Clean

Cliche, but nothing can be more effective than eating clean (besides frequent workout). Like what they always say " great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym". If you are really looking to having a great and healthy body, these are the things you NEED to sacrifice. Cut down on your salt, sugar, oily food, fast food, desserts and processed/canned food. Replace them with plenty of fruits, vegetables, meat (best if grilled or steamed), eggs ( not too many yolks in a day) and of course, drink plenty of water! 

What you should avoid :
- carbonated drinks 
-sweetened fruit juices /syrups 
- fast food 
- fried food 
- desserts
-processed meat 
- anything oily or sweet 

My choice of daily food intake:- 
-steamed/grilled chicken breast meat 
-2-3 eggs (without yolk)
- steamed vegetables (plenty of vege!) 
- plain water 

If you love mamak, and there's no way to cut that off your to-go list, try opt for these instead :- 
- capathi 
-tandoori chicken 
-fish tikka 
- teh O kosong 

I know it sounds pretty 'lifeless' and seems like I've completely lost the privilege to indulge in food. But hey - I am only human. So I usually treat myself during weekends or on very special occasions :) One thing to keep in mind though - eat in moderation! 

2. Train Dirty 

"If you still look prim and proper at the end of your workout, you didn't train hard enough!" - I must definitely agree to that! Girls, keep your make-up and pretty hair at home. Nobody's gonna judge if you look like you've just survived a tornado. Like seriously - just train like a beast, and look like a beauty after ;)

If you're not used to working out, you can always opt for yoga or anything that makes you sweat! There's so many different sports today, gym is definitely NOT the only way to a hot bod. Here's what I usually do at the gym :-

*just a list on how my workout routine looks like. I don't do all of them on the same day. I will post another update purely on my workout routines - this is just a brief go-thru list :) 

1) Cardio for 30 minutes ( I usually do interval run on the treadmill : that means, 3 mins brisk walk > 6 mins jog > 3 mins sprint > REPEAT)

2) Weights training ( dips, shoulder, back, biceps, triceps)

3) Legs

3) Abs & obliques

4) Sometimes, when I don't feel like doing the treadmill - I'll opt for Body Combat, Body Pump, Zumba or even a swim. Great alternatives for cardio exercises! :)

3. You should train with weights 

First of all, it's almost impossible for us (women) to bulk up just by doing heavy weights. Our hormonal makeup will not allow our body to build such amount of muscle mass. Secondly, God never intended to make us women, look like men! ( well unless you get yourself surgically changed, thats a different story). So, no matter how much protein you take or how heavy you train - you will not attain the physical. bulky body of bodybuilders, so don't worry!

But then again, you should start with light weights. Train your muscles to work with the weights and make sure you get your core and technique right. Then slowly, add up the weights. Otherwise, you'll probably strain your muscles and that's the last you want to endure.

4. Stop saying TOMORROW 

I know sometimes the bed can be much more tempting than a jog around the park. But hey - nothing comes easy and if you want that hot bod, you've gotta work your ass gurl! A 15minutes home workout is better than nothing! :) Youtube & google is my best companion. Sometimes, when I just feel so so lazy to drag myself to the gym, I will youtube or google some home workout routines. is a great guide! Check it out :) 

5. Fitness is a lifestyle, not an obligation 

Just like how you need to wake up for work, how you need to meet your friends for catch up sessions, how you need to make plans for dates, or how you need to come home to your family. Fitness is not much of a difference! Don't tell yourself that its a duty or a burden. Tell yourself that its a LIFESTYLE! Once you incorporate 'FITNESS' into your lifestyle - you won't feel like its a force or a burden. In fact, you'll feel a lot more motivated to just pack your bags and head to the gym! It'll come naturally :) x

6. Sufficient Sleep 

Sleep is essential. Sufficient sleep ensures that your body is well rested and prevent yourself from getting unnecessary migraine. If you have crazy schedules, try slip in some power nap in between. You'll be surprised how it recharges your body!  :) 

I am no fitness guru but these are what I have always been doing. I must confess that it took me quite a while to finally get my mojo on. Temptations can be evil sometimes. But a positive mindset is extremely important! Switch your 'beast mode' on and trust me - you'll get your desired body in no time! Stop telling yourself tomorrow, leave the excuses for losers. 

Let me know if need to know anything else. Planning on a VLOG to show you guys what I sort of workout I do most of the time. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at

Cheers fellow fitspo! xx 


Rebecca Saw said...

Keep it up Mag. I'm a fitness fanatic too.. jz that i eat too much hahaha..
so I'll never be as thin until i start to discipline my desserts intake. well, I'm gonna do it this year! There shall be change!

Kelly Siew said...

Very well written post and I admire your determination! I think I should at least try to swim few times a week then, as I can't really tolerate weight bearing exercises yet. Eating clean is good for long term health as well as maintaining a good sleep cycle.

Careen Tan said...

I love this post! Inspiring. Keep blogging about fitness! Me needs to learn more from you :) said...

yes, please do a workout vid! :D

Anonymous said...

i love how passionate and determined you are in this, i can even feel it in your posts :) its really inspiring, keep it up :)