Monday, April 15, 2013

Emcee Gig || The Party 2013

Last week was.. one word - HECTIC! I was as busy as a bee ( busier, actually) and I'm glad I pulled through. Flew to Penang for a commercial shoot and got back just in time to host the show. Only had 3 hours of sleep the night prior and I didn't even have the time to go through my script because I slept off in the midst of writing my script :P Anyway, it was such a joy hosting the party! 

I must say that Monash University Students' Association (MUSA) & Monash University International Students Service (MUISS) did an amazing job putting everything together. The stage set-up, sound systems, food and drinks sponsors were so well co-ordinated and I'm sure every Monashian were impressed. Many agreed that it was the BEST PARTY thus far! ;)

It poured so badly before the event but frankly, I think the rain made it better. Couldn't imagine if it was dry and humid, with foam. Nope, doesn't work at all. God is great! :) Thank you for the rain x 

Photo credits : Mad Cheeks Photography & Brian Soong. 

Opening Act : DJ SlaxDan
DJ Goldfish & Blink 

Mr Clown who turned out to be a friend's brother! :) 
Michelle Chan - the person behind Mad Cheeks Photography ;)
Adrian x Aaron x friend x Bubs x Sherwin who also came! :) 

Sim Hui x M 
Guany Guan x M 
Jon D - the man who did such an awesome job taking care of me that night :P 
You're the man Jon! Thanks so much for having me x 

It was definitely another milestone for me to host for such a huge crowd. Really really want to thank everyone who has believed in me. I could still remember the nerves and shiver I had when I did my first ever hosting gig ( last year) ; still so vivid in my memory. I couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you who has given me love, courage and guidance. I'm not the best in the industry but I do give my best and 101% in what I do. I do make mistakes or maybe sometimes fumble, but I'm ready to learn and take in all I can. I'm blessed and thankful to have been given these opportunities. I love it so much, that I'm ready to do it for the rest of my life. I really don't know how the path ahead of me would be, but regardless.. I will never give up and I believe someday my dream will turn into reality. Keep believing they say? ;) 


karen90 said...

Is that Sim Hui from X Top model search & previous miss malaysia universe finalist?

Magdeline Wang said...

Hi Karen.

Yes, its Sim Hui from X- Top Model but she didn't join Miss Universe M'sia. It was her sister who did :) x