Monday, March 4, 2013

Fit Fun Facts

Have you been working out? Or at least, avoiding all things oily and sweet? Well, if you haven't - maybe you should start adopting a healthier lifestyle. Not only for a better figure, but a happier you as well! Trust me, it's a very satisfying and indescribable feeling to be on the 'fit and fab' bandwagon ;) You don't need to spend 1-2 hours in the gym everyday. NOBODY'S FORCING YOU HUNNY. But, perhaps.. just do a little mediating or just go for a walk in the park.. or maybe just go on a detox once a month? Yes, its all these little thoughts that counts :) 

It really does depend on your self determination as to.. how far you can go or rather how much time you would sacrifice for a healthier and better you. BUT, if you do not have a positive mindset then don't waste your time. Before you begin, you need to set a POSITIVE mindset, and the body will eventually follow :) 

Came across this online magazine the other day and thought that I should share these fun tips with you! Hope you'll gain something out of these and, start making a change to your lifestyle! Don't need to be MAJOR ones, take baby steps ;) 

Fruits contain vitamins and fibre that's essential to your body. Start stocking up on your FRUITS! 
If your destination is just a stone's throw away, perhaps you could opt for walking? Maybe? ;) 
SAVE MOTHER EARTH : Reuse, reduce & recycle ! 
How ironic? I am lactose intolerant myself but I still love ICE CREAMS! All these guilty pleasures :(
Ladies, if you love ZUMBA - KEEP IT UP! :) 

Besides food consumption, workout routines and a positive mindset, SUFFICIENT REST AND A GOODNIGHT SLEEP is the ULTIMATE KEY to a healthy lifestyle! Without rest, your body would feel fatigue will not function efficiently. Even after a workout session, your muscles need to rest and rebuild their tissues. Hence, SLEEP is when all these things start working. Heard of beauty sleep? It's true! :) 

I guess you could see the differences when you start staying up late. Zits and pimples wouldn't spare you and our self-proclaimed "enemy"- eyebags! That's why SLEEP is so essential to our everyday lives. Regardless of how badly you want to finish up your task , if you don't have enough rest - you can't give it your 101%. Therefore, make sure you sleep enough! By the way, just to clarify that I am not advocating being a "couch potato" here. 6-8 hours would just suffice depending on your lifestyle :) 

I do understand that most of you have hectic work schedules and sometimes, it's just impossible to rest that much. Heard of power nap? That could do the job too! Afterall, we are only human. Whatever it is that we do, rest is absolutely inevitable :) 

I'll try to post up some workout routines soon. My reason for the delay is that.. I tend to feel shy to take photos of myself working out in the gym. I really dont know how some girls 'self-cam' in the gym ALL THE TIME! Something that I've yet to comprehend. NO OFFENCE!

*p/s : I've tried doing it once or twice and that was done in the most 'mission impossible' way, ever! HAHA. Maybe I should opt for a better idea. Set-up a HOME GYM, maybe? :) 

Will try to update you guys as often as I can! 

Till then 

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