Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paranoid? just a lil.

Alrighty. Its 1.35am right now and I'm still wide awake. can't sleep lah, what can i do? haha.

What was that book again? Awaken smtg smtg? shit. gotta check that out. I forgot the title, again. Short term memory. heh.

Sometimes I really do wonder. How the hell people make so much of $$$ man? And afford a 'super-heels' (thats what i call em) which costs a BOMB! hmm. prolly God loved em. And i think, God loves me too. Haha. Shit what am i even talkin abt?? -.-

The pain's coming back. Time to? HIT THE SACK! bill says.

Ohsheat! No please. I just want a good night sleep. Not againn.

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