Friday, January 29, 2010


Practically, nothing changed.

But the people who're used to be around, have gone to nowhere. Grandma's room's all empty now. I could feel her presence earlier in the house. I was sweeping the floor and somehow I could feel her presence. I am not joking.

Back then, I was a very mischievous and rebellious lil girl. I would dress up my barbie like an Ultraman and force her to do splits over and over again. Yes, one wierd kid i was. well, used to be ;) And once the clock strucks 9.30pm ( yes, its not even midnight yett), grandma would step out into the living room with the thickest and longest cane to call me to bed. Haha.

And who knows? The time was up, for Popo :( She was found diagnosed with the Final Stage of Lung Cancer. Since then, I changed totally. I made my own bed, I walk to the toilet alone ( i never had the courage to go toilet alone you see ), and I became the most independant child in Ipoh. I guess? haha. well anyway, yeah.

I think Grandma is right here with me. Protecting us. She's the true angel of our Family. I love you popo:) Mm moi da ngo geh si fat jor la. hehe.

Idk why I suddenly had the urge to blog about this. Something triggered my 'I miss grandma button'. HAHA.

oh yea and.

Why is Ipoh's weather so fucking hot? :/

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