Monday, February 1, 2010

Back to reah-leeeteeee :/

The weather back in Ipoh really kills. I almost died of dehydration. Haha. The air-con didnt work. The fan wasn't enough :/ Anyway, I'm back to Jb now. So, BACKK TO REALITYYY!

No more shopping spreeeee. Haha. Had an awesome/ the awesomest time in KL man. Shop & Shop & Shop. haha. And dad just dropped :9

I just got my photoshoot pictures and I personally think that I STILL HAVE ALLOTT OF SPACE FOR IMPROVEMENTT, like duh? I dont feel the ooomph in any of the pictures man. Fuck. Improvement improvement. Should be better next time ;) It ain't easy man. The focus. The strength of the eye contact and urghh, my body language. Need more stretchings. haha. Now i can't do spilts anymoreeee :S This is BADDD. Assbaddd.

Anyway, 'work-your-fuckin-abs' routine should be back and I will not hit the gym until I lose another 10pounds!

Here I go. Cny is not an excuse to EAT MOREE. No way mann. We shall see. WE SHALL ;D

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