Friday, February 26, 2010


You know,

I've been thinking. Why are we born this way? Why are there so many orphans and old folkes in the Homes? and why are they locked behind the bars? And why are some people born with disfigured face and yet they get the discriminations? And why are some people born with the ultimate talent and yet they dont have the chance to show it just because they're not 'beautiful'?

Whats BEAUTIFUL? and does Beautiful refers to Girls with the hourglass body and perfect body measurements? But deep down under, Vain and Selfish?

that is the biggest mistake WE ALL are doing right now.

Praise and thank god that He gave me what I have right now. Everything happen for a reason. And that reason, its for you to find it. Explore the world. Explore the people around you. Go beyond your imagination and I am sure the truth can be revealed, only to yourself. Because you worked for it.

I've been thinking to myself.

Only BEAUTIFUL people deserves fame/popularity/wealth/love? Somebody tell me? :(

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