Monday, February 22, 2010

Kiddo speakin'

Updates yo'.

Chinese New Year was awesome awesome awesome. From JB-KL-IPOH-JB. Even by the sound of it, IT WAS SUCHA HECTIC JOURNEYY :/ But i had fun, hell lots of fun mann. Bonding sessions with my long lost cousins and Farewell to the loved one:( Anyway, its meant to be. We'll meet again real soon :) I'm sure we will.

you see, the uploader in blogspot is being a bitch. Thank god fb just upgraded their whole system. Good job. *appaluse* The uploader took me less than 5minutes to get 100pictures done :D So Blogspot, boo you. Aha.

Being back to Ipoh wasn't that homey anymore. Prolly cus all my houses are actually ON SALE. haha. Great.

Otw to Rajdeep's :)

He likes ME! :D & he never gets tired running around. SHO CUTEE.

After bidding farewell to Billy who just left Malaysia :( , had an awesome time with my
old friends ;) Miss em alot.


We all knew why I laughed like shit. His pants was unzipped.

Frankly, this is like my first time camwhoring in Ipoh Parade.
Its the most boring place ever. I swear.

I like the light effect.

I had to do this. I HAD TO :9

I've never felt so good being with my friends, prolly cus I never had the chance.
We all know why.

A relationship involves TWO person. & I'm emphasising on the 'TWO' cus
sometimes there are just some people who doesn't know the rules about being in a relationship
and having a good and strong relationship. Boo for them but seriously, why be a control freak when you don't have to do that? Thank god. I love my mummy for who she is. She ain't no a control freak.
Elephant with a bird's brain?

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