Friday, February 12, 2010

blues clues.

So many things happened. And I'm trying real hard to stand back up.

Idk why things turned that way, oh wait. I think I know, but we don't have a time machine do we? So, i'll let it be. Brush em off off off. I feel like tearing & I know this ain't the right time. The decision I take, leads me to an ultimate destination. Anthony taught me alot. Very good book, worth buying it ;)

I don't have to be static just like this. What exactly is a perfect relationship? Anyone? I am stucked in the midst of nowhere. And i realised, the appreciation of somethin valuable is INDEED VERY important. Prolly before this, I've never realised. But I ain't gonna regret for that man. I still have like what? 50 or 60 or 70 years of life? Decisions that I'm takin right now, I'll see the real results in a couple of years time. And I pray for best, for you, me, everybody. I have so many dreams. I gotta make up my mind man. Not gonna do this for anybody else but myself ;D yeah man. Myself.

Brrrr.. pfft pfft pfft.

I dreamt of loads and loads of pizzas. Slurrrrp :9

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