Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad day or what?

That huge 7-seaters just blocked our vision. We were really sure that the road was clear & god knows where the other bike came from right? Sheaat man. We both said "FUCKKKKK!", "CHIIBAIII" simultaneously -.- Like really, its was as tho we were both both paralysed from head to toe.



'Should i stopp?'


And we got outta the car & one of the victim showed tiff something. She was stoned. HAHA.

'SAYA POLIS', he said. 'KITORANG MASIH ON DUTY TAU AH MOI.TENGAH RONDA AREA NI,' the other old hag continued. Well, no doubt the young police officer was kinda good looking. Haha. Oh well, we dont have time to give a fuck about that man. Their Bike was smashed like my favourite Mashed potato. How about that?

Diilla diillaa. pak pak pak.

Everything got settled with $$$$. You know , I know, We all know why :)

Just stuff some cash into their pocket and its like you've cut off the beak of a talking parrot.

Yeah man. We learn from experience :)

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