Wednesday, January 6, 2010


And yeah. School started and I was wondering. Hey, I'm at a legal age for most stuffs. I'm street legal, I'm most-stuffs-legal. what the heck am i even talking about? sheesh.

I'm in sucha dilemma right now. Being apart from the Boyf is definitely not a very good thing. Well, i must bow to God's will & I shall. Everyday, I'm waiting for the next. Do you get what I mean? I srsly need some time to think about what i'm really gonna do. I've got a job in Genting but UNFORTUNATELY, dad said NO. Then why for I went for the interview mann? -.-

I HATE THE PEOPLE HERE, apart from my family. I had to. They're like ohmigosh. Just look at how the girls even dress up like. Man, just let me puke! Srsly. Dont come here. Okay, its not that bad. Maybe its just the urge of wanting to be back in Ipoh that made me blurt out such things. URGH. I want to leave this goddamn state. Singapore is prolly much better than here, I'm sure.

Whatever. I am so not in the mood right now. DO YOU KNOW!

Btw, went to Danga Bay with tiff the other day. we tried the Italian cuisine. It was filling and delicious ;) Screw the uploader srsly. I needed 30minutes to upload 2 goddamn pictures. I eventually gave up -.-

I went to the Bay so yeah. Supposingly, this is the bay? LOL.
The view wasn't bad but, nevermind. I don't wanna
complain any further. mehh.

We had a ride on the rented bicycle along the Bay.
That was the only interesting part of the visit. I'm not mean, srsly.
Yeah, thats tiffany.

Mum didnt want me to work in KL. WHY MUM WHY! my workplace was supposingly right in MidValley, top floors where all the office are. WHY MUM! -.-
& Dad wants me to stay with him after the new house is fully renovated. WHY DAD WHY!
Srsly, so much chaos and fuss here. I just wanna be AWAY from all these. AWAY!

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