Wednesday, December 30, 2009

all mixed up.

I had all my pictures mixed up. Its just like my life this year, it was pretty messed up. I wasn't organized but at least, every bit & part of it was Good i can say. Maybe its meant that way. Good in another way. If i see it in another perspective, I'm pretty brave sometimes. Hah.

I went for some modelling comp in the middle of the major spm, and i went for some drama shooting right before trials and stuffs like that. Mum had a bet, I won't do good in the Major Spm. TOUCHWOOD MANN. tabooh! tabooh!

I'll be leaving ipoh real soon. The 2nd. How cool is that? so not. & when i'm back there. THERE WILL BE SO MUCH UNPACKINGS TO DO. & thats what i hate most. hate.

Wow, mum is right here nagging about asking me to for photoshoots for the boutique. I am so freaking lazy mum. I have so many dates to catch-up okayy. Dont you understand. When i actually decline politely, she'll go EVERYDAY GO OUT MOVIES SO MUCH TIME HAH.. BLAH BLAH BLAH.. you know. mothers are like that. sigh.

I miss you darling. Don't snook until I go back, i dont care. Muahahaha.

The surprise he gave me on our one year's ann.

i found this in his phone. finally! we were at the games arena in Genting.

christmas eve. we looked stunning.
at least thats what i think.

toldja. messed up pictures.
He was so into that shooting bang bang scene. LOL.

Okay. this is today's. we went for mamas' shopping in Tesco.
it was HIS idea. can you even imagine?
er, for?
okay! hehee.

i've finally realised;
i shouldn't have worried about how our love's gonna be, i know you trust me.
i shouldn't have doubt about your actions, i know you're with me now.
i shouldn't have made so much trouble just to have your attention, because you've been forever watching me from afar.
& the most important, i shouldn't have worried about the coming days, the turning point that i was so terrified of, because we still have our lifetime together.
btw, im not engaged just yet, but soon maybe? let him do the answering :D

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