Monday, December 21, 2009


We both went for another interview today.

Ohmy. It was hell lots of work i tell you. This time, we went all prepared, with our certs and all. And god knows, the person-in-charge said ' WE NEED TO HAVE YOUR ORIGINAL SPM SLIP TO CERTIFY THAT YOU'VE SAT FOR THE EXAM'. damn. who would think of that? You know? The white piece of paper that you'll bring into the hall every exam session? Yeah that one. So, no choice. Drove back to get it and went back. HAHAH.

Thank god. We both got it, into the Biggest Company in Asia I could say.

Hey baby, I'm gonna support you no matter what. Do your best. The others can wait. Right now, nothing matters other than your career. I want to see you in your tuxedo one day and be the Executive. Ily. A few years, we both can go through this ;) god bless us.


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