Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sardines in JJ's Sail.

I really must start this particular post with a BIGGG sighh :(

I don't know what to get for Xmas and its the Eve now. Im so screwed up. Plus Ipoh, with THE MOST HAPPENING MALL in town, doesn't really give you much of a choice you see. slurp :9 OH mann. What am I going to do? I went to JJ last night and it was literally STUFFED with people and with the unpleasant stench under everybody's wet arms. Eww. Because everybody was rushing to get their things since its the Last day for the Jcard members or something if I've not mistaken. This is so annoying, irritating and driving me crazy. Thank god I didnt drive there. It was sucha chaos man. CHAOS.

Okay. Hibernate ( checked ). Good warm shower ( checked ). clothes for tonight ( half-checked). Presents?? ( OHNO).

I must really get going. Hey. Any discounts for Body Shop members btw??

Have a Merry Merry Christmas :D

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