Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big Comeback?


Wow. I'm back, like finally? Blogging again, and i actually feel so new! woots. good thing isn't it? The Major Exam is finally over and I hope I did alright. Bygones are bygones already. Just let fate decide whats going to be next? Good? Hah.

Wait, let me see. Its been a months plus since i last blogged. Good. At least this proves that I have high self-control -.-

I had an awesome trip at Penang last week. HELL man. It was loads of fun. Bikinis, beaches, hot hunks, hot chicks ( no, im not talking about myself. haha) oh man. i wanna go again. Pictures later. I bet its gonna be 'mouth-watering'. haha.

Blogspot seemed to be a lil dead now. I think I prefer er .. whats that called again? I'll do something to this goddamn blogspot of mine.

Ahh yeah. My life's been great, nothing's better than being with him ;) I am so sorry that I actually ruined most of your plan hun. Lets go to the beach soon alright? XOXO. And and and I love you, always do.

Yes. thats all for the big comeback. I'll be right back with more, trust me and no other. MW ;)

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