Monday, November 9, 2009

Updates, final one.

I've got over the past and moving forward day by day.

I love you and I know you do too ;)

Dear lord,
Please give me strength to move on. I ruefully ask for forgiveness. I don't want to move on with all my sins. Please forgive me and make me study hard. I have only a week more to go. All the wrongs that I've done, please forgive me. Wake me up from all the fairy tales please. All i want is to do well in the upcoming Major Exam, the SPEEAMM. I love you. Amen.

Went to dad's in KL for 3days. I was too stressed. Need some time to destress ;) Dad was really a great help. He bought me stuffs and I JUST LOVE EMM! Charles & Keith's sandals. The awesomest shoes I've seen! cardigan from Zara, Heaven!

I left my perfume in Dad's drive :( nevermind.

Sigh. I just need some time to warm up my brain!

More updates when the MajorE's over yeh y'all. Loves.

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