Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bad Day.

I'm sick. Even my boyfriend said IM HOT. Woah, for the first time. Haha. I wonder how I could even fall in love with this funny fella here. hehe. Listen,

T : Wah, you're so hot!
M: Yeah, but I'm feeling so cold. brrrrr..
T : Aww. come here. Lemme give you hug.
M: Yor. Jo meh lei gam guai sei dong geh.
T : Like lizard hor?? hehe. I'm normal okay! Normal body temp. You're too hot.
M: I know laa. Eh damn cold la.
( fyi, only the fan with 2nd level speed was switched on. no a/c at all)
T : Lei yau beng lahh..
M: -______- im having FEVER LAH!
T : Ha? Fever can feel so cold wan ga? Not hot ge mehh??
M: -____________________- chimagan.

What are the symptoms for Fever actually? idk mann. There's one more.

You see? The last chapter of chemistry did mention that overdose of paracetamol can affect your liver or something right? Agree??

T : Want panadol?
M: Nooo. I had two yesterdayy la. Too much lorrr.
T : -______- ok ok. One okay?
M: err.. okay la. better. later i die only you know. panadol so much.
T : yayayaya. gam yong yi sei jau hou lor b..
M: EHHH! really wan la! chemistry gor dou yau gong gor ga leh!
T : -__________- okokok. sik lei geh panadol la. sleep.
M: woi. reallyy laaa.
T : okay okayyy.

See? he never believe what i say. Yer! hahahaha. and I've really been having stomach aches, body aches and headache & everytime i tell him he'll go WAAA. OK OK. SO MUCH DISEASE WAN HOR YOU. whaddaheck wehhh. urgh.

anyway, i wanna get well soon before christmas so that i can go and playy for however much i want. alright, i need some rest now. i miss you :(

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