Monday, December 21, 2009

All under One Christmas Tree. Perfecto!

Hohoho. Merry Christmas. Santa just told me that Xmas will be delayed this year, because Mag haven't started her Xmas Shopping Spreeee. HAHAHAHA. ( I wish huh?) I received a call from Jessie Jie and she said THE MEGA SALES IN ONN!!!!! PAVILION! ONE U! MID V! oh mymy. how can i even resist? Neither could you, I can bet for a million! :D

Dear Santa,
I don't wanna be a fashion victim again this year. Please do get me these. Will you?? I promise that I'll study hard and behave the Best I can. PLEASEEEEEEEE O.O Christmas is just days awayy! &&& I'm not ready at all. Please. Can I have a pre-xmas wish? CAN WE HAVE 42 HOURS A DAY PLS?? haha. I'm getting hyper man. whoopps. Dear santa. I really hope you'll see this. (HAHAH?!) grant me my wishes pleaseee!!!

#1 I wanna have Megan Fox's super hawt bootylicious body.
#2 I wanna grow another 2 inches.
#3 I wanna be his wife one day and live happily ever after.
#4 I want mum to have a good maid so that she won't have to do any chores anymore.
#5 I want a brand new phone :)
#6 Please let dad to approve my job.
#7 I want all the below! :D

I've got one like this, can i have another? The sequins one?

Please give me the strength to do sit-ups everyday. I've been so lazy these days :(

This is beautiful, don't you think so?
Hot chick!

Ohmymy. WAIT A SEC!


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