Saturday, December 19, 2009

Alert. Reckless us.

You know what? I think I've got my lesson now. Its the stupidest thing that I've probably ever done. Haha. Don't blame me, I've just graduated. Imma newbie still. ( shrugs, what an excuse) And please dont tell me I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS.

You are ought to, must, should, its compulsary and its relatively important to BRING YOUR OFFICIAL LEAVING CERTS AND SCHOOL CERTIFICATES when you go for an Interview, doink!!

Err, yeah. WE went all the way to genting and obviously w/o our 'needed documents' and phoom! we waited from 8.30am to 1pm for NOTHING! When it was finally my turn, I was like 'oh, thank god! FINALLY! ' and I came out within a minute and my boyf went -__________- ( with the WALAO SO FAST? kindof look) We stepped out of the banquet hall with hell lots of disappointment. Such fucktard right? haha.

There LOOK. These. How could I left these at home??


Nah. I still think we had lots of fun back there. Yeah, we did ;D From being ' eh,go where la?' to ' woah, that was awesome'. How much more do I have to ask for? Its definitely fairly more than whats enough. And remember the Flying Coaster? Yeah. I was like yay.this is gonna be fun but eyy, im scared better hold on tight or else you'll slip out. and he went pfft.nothing wan la. ( oh how i love his manly behaviour. haha).

Sorry for the bad quality pictures. Just a glance through, so don't mind!

I super love my new pvc leggings. Its LOVE!

Look at these. Without parent's supervision i suppose. Damn banyak okay.
Poor thing, the machine went 'TEEEK TEEEK TEEEK ERROR'.
Wasted. Best part, could you even imagine how much they spent? We only had 310points
& we already used up 150++?

Wait till you see this Steph Wang, sorry! i took your top!

Love this shot.

The BEST hotdog I've ever tasted. New York Chicken, mua favourita.
Conney Dog, not bad though, but me no likey.

It was dinner time with the boyf's mummy :)


Terrence: Woah. This seemed like there's an explosion or something.
Mag: Yer. yours nicer.

He has the potentitial, don't you think so?
(if you get what I mean)

Omg. flabby arms.

1901 for lunch, 1901 for dinner. haha.
seriously, best hotdog ever!

This was during the interview. Ahh, i dont wanna mention again.

Nasi lemak for rm9.90. The food in Genting sure is pricey.

p/s: Thank you for everything hun. Sure did appreciate it! Loveya! XOXO.

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