Monday, January 18, 2010

a bitch who admits herself as one.

You know what? Sometimes I get easily annoyed with girls who thinks they're so super hot. Ohpuhlease. And frankly, I DO NOT THINK SO. DO NOT. ( some really do look hot but some are like too-hard-trying-&-failed )

And there's this particular girl. She really thinks she's a star. But to me, she's way far from that man. WAY WAY FAR. She's still got miles to run y'know. And she fags like mad. She thinks she's so tall, so what man? Stop being sucha fucktard. Am so sorry, but atm i feel so so annoyed with her you see. HAHAH.

I used to think she's hot at the first glance but boyy. You're too much. Its like you're so heavy and thats enough already. Try somethin else girl.

damn it. why am i even blogging about this?

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