Monday, January 25, 2010


ever experienced the most crucial eyebrow trimming? haha.

I just had mine today. And the pain was unbearable. Okay, it wasn't that unbearable (or else I would have been dead by now but Painful lah ok)

The Chinese saying 'oi leng mm oi meng' ( Beauty is the utmost important, nothing comes beyond it ) Pretty true tho. Tell this to the girls.

Uhm, I had a boring Monday. Anyway, this 'eyebrow trimmin' thing is located somewhere in CashRiver/Sg. Wang. And my title above referred to the gay guy who trimmed it for me. Phillipino ;) AKU CINTA SAMA KAMOOO, Magendaaaaaa! haha.

The shot below, if you see my brows, its actually in shape now. HAHA. Thank god ;) Oh and Syuhada Z, there you go. Took this just for you. HAHA ;)

My gums bleed. HELP.

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