Friday, January 8, 2010


I really need a job right now. Or at least something for me to do. Probably something routinal. I'm not desperate for the Cash. I'm just FREAKING ROTTING AT HOME. Somehow, I haven't miss schooling, Not Just Yet. Haha. The croupier job i've got, REJECTED. And i found an super awesome job in KL. 8 bucks per hour and I only have to work 10 days per month. Very good pay, at least for me it is ;) But Mum didnt want me to go so far, since I've just set my butt here. Pfft.

Wake up late noon. Eat. Tv.Shopping.(NO FRIENDS).Web.Sleep.

Wow. My life is so fucking happening. Yes. I mean Fucking.

where the heck is my boyfriend. because i miss him like goddamnit-you'll-never-imagine how much i do. TERRENCE TING, come back to me. by my side, everyday.

I bought two bras. Pink and purple. HAHA. idk why im telling this, but hey. whats wrong with that. and hey baby, are you reading this right now? SC! ;)

My blog is so boring and I don't even care. And whoever's reading it, i did not ask you to. Oh yea. Another thing. I so fucking hate those girls who goes IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME, BACK OFF. or err.. IM TOO AWESOME SO YOU'RE JEALOUS or even err.. IM LIKE ANGRY FOR 576474628492347923473 TIMES. damn it. whats your fucking problem. Doublefuckyou man.

Srsly? get a life.

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