Sunday, January 24, 2010

wayyy to great?


Ever wondered how life's gonna be? God wants the BEST for us. And when he has given, you gotta do your part. & I, I'm in the midst of ' NOTHING'. I had a great time catching up with my high school mates. Well, it wasn't that GREATTT but acceptable ;)

Anyway, I'm still slacking around with those goddamn curfews. wth man. Curfews and all. Imma kid or somethin? You ask my dad. He's one wierd fella. & never fail to catch his Dinper (dinner+supper).

Know what, I'm sick of all these. Just let me be who I want. Why the heck are you pullin me back? pfft.

I got a lesson today. Never take bullshit ;D

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