Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Molly Sheaaatt

Very very unproductive day today. Srsly, I NEED TO GET A LIFE. HAHA.

Snacks filled in my boredom. Heh. Hey, thats bad. Very very unhealthy mag. Okay. Few rounds of jogging will cut em off ;)

I actually felt so effin slim this morning. Serious! haha. Not self-praise. But right now, I feel like having a 800pounds body :S *shivers* I dont wanna imagine that man. NO WAY. Dont you dare say a YES WAY. haha.

wtf? I'm so lifeless man, right now. Srsly. Sheaaat.

Much apology if this picture disguised you. HAHAH!
Guys, what if ALL girls have big @$$es like this after having sex?
Like, yeah. It just grows drastically after your intercourse.

Yes. Somebody just activated my HYPERACTIVE mode :/ sorry. haha. & thats what happen when BOREDOM strikes. Somehow, i just GOOGLED fat women. and there you go. the DISGUSTING picture above.

what? I WAS BORED.

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