Wednesday, October 29, 2008

leaving ipoh.

mum called last night.

mum: hello?kaka (basically thats wat im called at home).
me : yea mum.
mum: where's ur passport??
me : huh.what passport? i thought it was with you.
mum: no.its in granny's cupboard. (fyi,my granny left us when i was std.6) :)
me : okay.i'll look for it.
mum: will come over to take it.they need to make u a VISA.
me : alright.alright.
mum: and pack ur stuffs before i get're going jb on the 20th or 21st.
me : what???!!!
mum: dont what what i tell you.wanna go shanghai anot??
me : (unwillingly) OKLOR.
mum: u later.remember the passports.
me : OKAY.byebye.


practically i dont have much time to spend with my friends during the holidays.
sorry people. whole month there!! in johore.
god.god.can the holidays be any better??
okay.frankly i cant wait to go shanghai but uhhh.
okay.forget nobody wants to hear me complaining anyMORE.

oh.about the coffin movie. it was okay to me.i liked it though.
not exactly horror or haunted.i can describe it with this awwwwwww...
very charm u knoww??
thr were some 'la-la' fella around me.i heard them say 'wah.meh hei lei gahh??dou mm chi hui ngap mart'. translated:wah,what movie is this ahh?i don't even know what the heck they're saying.
i wanted to say 'oh.i guess u need more english tuition or smthn.its fluent english.swt.'

had choir from 9-12pm.
superdarnfreakinglong day.
off to somewhere.

i feel much much better today.

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