Sunday, October 19, 2008

thanks dad but..

well,apparently my dad got me smthg that i seriously wanted since (i dont knw when).haha.
my superCUN
not those you see all the time when girls are cam-whoring around though.
its D8O! god.haha.
deep down in myself,i seriously want to pursue photographing but erm.IMPOSSIBLE i guess.haha.
and im super super excited about it.rofl.
i ain't showing off but just expressing my excitement.HAHA.

ohya.and im obviously a 'cina buta' person and dad had some sorta idea to make me 'cina celik'.haha.
and so, he got me chinese electronic dictionary.
at first i was over the moon when i saw him holding a converse bag.i was wondering which latest design he bought me but..FORGET IT MAG.
it was the chinese dictionary.
maybe dad thinks i'll be happy and so,i 'pretended' to be.
sorry dad. its kinda lame.
i dont even knw how to switch it on.its ALL IN CHINESE.
gosh. thanks anyway dad.

and a pocketPC.i got all the 3 stuffs on a day :))))

going on to the nxt thing.
well,i sorta think paris hilton is admirable though.

1) she's hot
2) she doesn't care what people around talk about her. (if ppl dislikes her,why would they care to talk about her?)
3) well, i personally thinks that she makes us all,we girls proud. (i did not include the case when she gt jailed)
come on,look on the positive sides.haha.
yea,im crapping.




suzhou is funny.seriously.lmao.
erm,he was blogging and i was (well,watching him) until i got fed-up that he can really crap.check out his blog.haha.

there's this time when he typed
sleeping beauty used to be my girl friend and we got a daughter..
and i was like we had a daughter lah!!!!
and it goes on and on.on and off correcting him.haha.
he kept smiling ;)
okay.i didnt mean that my english is supergood like some ppl but,i was just being a
exam sucks.seriously.

alright, study time ;)


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