Monday, October 27, 2008

happy diwali (thats what the TV says)

deepavali is boring.well,to me at least.waking up at 11am.finally i could enjoy my bedtime for a whole 10hours.aha.
had chee cheong fun for noodles.haha.
boring than ever.mum's not around.
the wang sisters at home.only them.
sis torturing the piano.not knowing to play.
well,at least i know mary had a little lamb.
haha.lame and i know.

after a couple of hours staring at the plain black lcd.
i said 'lets go for a movie'.
and here i am.
gonna watch the coffin later.
horrified but who cares.
did not dress up.well,i aint a fashion disaster nor am i a fashion icon.
haha.i dress up like ME.rofl.
got myself a shorts and a nike tee.
and im ready with my converse.haha.

popcorn's waiting for me.
i feel better today :)

happy deepavali people!!