Friday, July 15, 2011

Laura Mercier Portofino Collection

This is nothing extraordinary but something that girls simply just cant live without! Cosmetics, make-ups, flawless skin ; just what makes us girls go over the moon.

And as for myself, I have been searching high and low for the right product to suit my skintone for the longest time; slightly tanned but not too much. Never an easy task but I have definitely learnt a lot from all these choosing and buying cosmetics products. Or shall I re-name them the 'killer weapons'.

Girls can never be girls without their killer weapons; make-up. Correct me if I'm wrong. And just what I have got to offer to you girls today. Even I myself have been a slave to these powerful weapons. Just look how much 'making up' can entirely change the way somebody look.

Dazzled McDazzler!

Quite a transformation aye? Just a little powder here and there. Not forgetting to wear your smile. Ka-booom! But am pretty sure, not of these are of any shocking news to y'all. Merely because I spread the love almost equally ;) Never have I not shown my naked face to the public so don't you worry! ;)

Nevertheless, lets get back to the main point.

The Laura Mercier Summer 2011 Collection!

Words of wisdom by Laura Mercier. Even beauty needs wisdom as a touch of perfection!
Regardless of how much make up you put on during the day, never forget your true self beneath all that make-up.

I personally prefer having nude make-up and hence, being flawless is the trick.

I hereby introduce you the Laura Mercier Portofino Collection.

The Four Easy Steps to A Flawless Face.

#1. Skin Primer
A foundation primer that provides a barrier between the skin and foundation to ensure freshness and long-lasting colour. Laura saw a need for several products missing from the traditional cosmetics marketplace and launched the original Foundation Primer in 1996. Five different formulas to choose from according to your skin's needs.

#2. Laura Mercier Foundation
Laura feels that women should look as natural as possible even with make-up on. Hence, she created her foundations to be used only where needed or in layers to provide buildable coverage.

#3. Concealer
Secret Camouflage is formulated with a high level of pigment to enable skin to achieve complete coverage with little product use.

For the eye, use the Secret Concealer, an emollient formula that will not dry out the skin. It is to be used under the eyes only.

#4. Loose Powder
Laura strongly recommends that everybody should set their make-up with Translucent Loose Setting Powder because it has no color pigment and will not distort the color of the make-up.

After a brief introduction to the products. Now, its time you take on a challenge in order to win exciting prizes you'll sure love!

Join our Portofino "Nauti-Gal" make-up contest and stand a chance to grab home these prizes!

1st Prize- Ipad 2 16GB + RM500 Laura Mercier Hamper
2nd Prize- RM500 Laura Mercier Hamper + RM100 Voucher
3rd Prize- RM300 Laura Mercier hamper + RM100 Voucher

To participate, just follow the simple Five steps.

STEP 1: Purchase any Portofino Collection

STEP 2: Enjoy an exclusively free make-over by our Professionally trained make-up gurus.

STEP 3: Snap a picture of yourself.

STEP 4: Upload your picture to Laura Mercier Malaysia Fan Page.
(Don't forget captions with your name and email address!)

STEP 5: Make as many people as possible to LIKE your picture! Contestants with the most LIKES will stand a chance to win an iPad 2 & even more exclusive prizes!

Contest valid from 1st July until 31st July 2011.

Hurry up girls! Time is running out!

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