Friday, July 22, 2011

Miss Universe Malaysia 2011; Revelation of the National Costume

From the first Miss Universe 2011/2012 Press Conference in December 2010 to the Unveiling of the Miss Universe Malaysia 2011. Needless to say, I have definitely been an avid follower of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO), and *fingers crossed will keep my enthusiasm on the go!

#1. Miss Universe Malaysia 2011/2012 Press Conference in December 2010 with National Director, Andrea Fonseka

#2. Unveiling of the Miss Universe 2011 early this year with the crowned Deborah Henry

Nevertheless, it has been an incredible journey witnessing the growth of our very own Miss Universe Malaysia Organization. And on the 12th of July I was once again being invited to the third Press Conference whereby the National Costume was revealed.

"Absolutely stunning", thats truly an understatement.

#3. Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 with National Director, Andrea Fonseka and the sponsors.

Sponsors for MUM2012 that were revealed at the press conference included:

Official Hotel and Event Venue: Sunway Resorts Hotels and Sunway Lagoon
Official Tourism Board :Tourism Selangor
Official Cosmetics :Rimmel London
Official Cereal Provider :Nestle Fitnesse Malaysia
Official Hair :Maestro A Cut Above
Official Fragrance: Playboy for Women
Official Spirit: Johnny Walker Gold Label Reserve
Official Business Suites: White Space Malaysia
Official Jeweler for MUM2012: Suhara Jewel Art
Official National Gift for MUM2011: Sereni and Shentel

Official Dentist: myDentist
Official Studio and Photography Services: Fotoworx
Official Reality Show Production Partners: Kyanite.Tv
Official Online Forum Provider: Rentak Sejuta
Official Communications and Sponsorship: Arcis Communications Malaysia

The costume was designed by our very local fashion designer, Amir Luqman using songket fabrics which resembles a Wau, the legendary kite popularly loved & flown in the Northern States of Penisula Malaysia.

"This Wau-insipired costume was estimated to cost us around RM 380,000", stated Amir when being interviewed by the media press.

#4. Andrea Fonseka and myself.
(if you notice how I've changed over the months from the first picture I took w her and this current one; still working on it!)
#5. Shame on myself. I couldn't even focus on the right camera and lense. Pretty evident that I have so much more to learn & catch up to look 'picture perfect!' just like our very own Miss Universe Malaysia, Deborah Henry.

#6. Jojo Struys & myself.

#7. Amir Luqman posing along with his magnificent masterpiece & our Queen.

#8. Andy Kho

#9. Wilee Tee

It was also an co-incidence to actually meet the MHB's. My first time with the team since I was recruited. Looking forward for the upcoming events! Truly honoured to be part of the team.

I hereby would like to wish our Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry who will be representing Malaysia in the Miss Universe 2011 Pageant in Sao Paolo, Brazil ALL THE BEST!

She won the heart of our fellow Malaysians and now she will be representing us Malaysians at a global platform, something that we should be really proud of. She isn't just a typical beauty, but a beauty with brain.

"Her look trancends all commercially driven racial boundaries, her passion for children ignites hope where she can bring it, and her ability to speak well and forcefully about her thoughts and beliefs would pierce through every stigma that a Beauty Queen may still have in today's day and age", stated Andrea Fonseka in her blog.

Need I say more? Good luck and bring home the crown Deborah!

Photo Credits: Jason Ong & Andy Kho.

On a brighter note, the finalists for the Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 will be revealed very soon so stay tuned for gists and flashes!

Till then, xx.

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