Friday, July 8, 2011

Beaches, Bikinis, Boozes & Sunshine! #Part-two

Like promised, more pictures!

Too bad I can't be squeezing all my 700 photos here in the blog, maybe Facebook yes but that will be a tad too much haha! So, just a little from everything during the trip.

Yes it was my first visit to Thailand and I'm craving for more already! Thai Fetish you say?
May not be a high-end trip, but everything was adequate enough to make me feel complete. This low-budget trip was well-planned, kudos to myself ;) Oh and not forgetting my other half who guided me along the way.

Best part of all was the hotel. We got it for RM500+ for 4D3N !
How about that for a super-low-budget trip? But of course, that came w tons of researching and googling which literally made my head go gugu-gaga. Rofl. Nevertheless, those tedious clicks and calculations was definitely worth it.

Patong Beach
Twas just 2 minutes walk from our hotel!

Notice the middle picture? Not too bad for a low-budget hotel room yes?
We even got upgraded on our very first night there!

Raya Island

Factory @ Bangla Road

Phi Phi Island
This is also the exact same destination where Leonardo DiCaprio film the movie 'The Beach"
back in 2000. Thats not too long ago ;) Just 11 years!

Monkey Island

Somewhere close to Sunny Bay
Snorkeling in the sea of corals and pretty little fishes.
I have always been afraid of the sea water & THAT was my first time dipping myself in the
deep blue sea. Frankly, the first jump from the boat was terrifying but it was definitely worth
putting away my fear!
Not forgetting how dramatic I was thinking "Oh no, I'm going to drown!" when I had my ego shield on, not wanting to wear the life jacket. Haha! Later on, hurried up back onto boat quickly grab one and JUMP! ;)

Khai Island

If only I could turn back time, I will definitely extend my trip to a week long!
Oh well, reality calls. And priority always comes first.

Prior to this post, the previous one was just a brief 'sneak peek' to my entire trip and I
figured I should share w everyone the beautiful beaches I went to and hence this second post w more beach shots!

On another note, most of these beautiful beaches are out of Phuket Island.
The only beach that we went to that was ON Phuket Island was Patong Beach (famous for its bustling night life and strong-wave beach). Clearly, there are still so many more for us to explore.

And as for now, I am definitely planning on another trip to the Beach!

Well, I don't mind having to suffer the aftermath really!
Because the experience you get throughout the trip is priceless. Am sure my rashes would heal in no time! ;)


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