Friday, July 8, 2011

Bling Brass

I have always been a huge fan of unique and exclusive accessories.
But sad to say, the ones selling in stores today are usually "too common" or rather "not-unique-enough" as most of these accessories are often being too commercialized and hence its conventionality. But fret not!

I have done enough to be able to introduce you girls some new shiz! Believe me, you will all love it because I did! Very rarely I find myself adoring things like this and can't stop thinking about them until I get myself one! (girls and their shopping bling bling fetish! haha)

These collection has definitely shown their very own competitive advantage amongst others.
Introducing the 100% Handmade Brass.

You heard it, 100% Handmade Brass is the new Black.
Let your choice be the trendsetter.

#1. Pendants & Couple Necklaces
1) These pendants are the replicas of mini veges and fruits ; approximately the size of the first segment of your last fingertip
2) These couple necklaces comes w a pair! Not the usual boring pairing ones.
You can even rock them with both or just one of it ;) How about that for a change?
So, singletons out there. Fret not, you can always keep the other half until you find the your right other half! Otherwise, rock them both!

#2. Rings rings rings
Does it ring a bell? Now you can have all sorts of different authentic ring designs that comes
w respective individuality! Each ring represents something and all you need is to find yours!

#3. More rings and necklaces.
You heard that, MORE RINGS! And how often do you see dino skeletons!
Perfect match for a simple white tees. Guys would love em too!

#4. So many designs; all you need is just to find the right one for you!
Most of these designs started from a little imagination and later turned them into brass beauties! Well, designers aren't named designers for no reason aye?

#5. Designs that you'll sure to love.

#6. Brass; the new black.

#7. They're truly one of a kind

#8. Earrings, bracelets & bangles.

#9. The TORTURE CHAMBER replica
This particular pendant definitely caught my attention.
Very detail oriented and not to mention, its uniqueness. And a plus point, its handmade!

The very first item that dragged my attention was this "Angel Wings Bangles".
And I couldn't go home without it. Just how much force this beauty has ;)

We do what girls do best. And who doesn't like adornments?
What more when these are specially handmade.

On a special note, all the items shown above are 100% Brass and they will not rust.
However, real brass will fade with time. But again, worry not. Just spray an adequate amount of Metal Polish and it will be as good as new! As easy as that. No hassle no worries ;)

Haven't I tempt you enough already?

p/s: This post is intended to be a brief description of what the whole idea of Bling Brass is all about. More deets and details will be on their way. Feedbacks are most welcomed!

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