Saturday, June 12, 2010

Artistic much?

At some point of my life, I wish there were 'replay', 'undo','delete','pause' and 'ignore' button.

Well, after doing 'quite alot' of intense thinking. Why bother?
I wouldn't have been what I am today if these 'virtual buttons' ever existed.

I've wasted 17years and 6months of my life fretting about the past.
Whats the point? When I have so many more years to face and learn.
Thank god I've got my guideline. Though Im still licking the sweet and sour of being a college kid.
In spite of all these, I'll seek for A better me.

Many more years to come.
I'll see where I stand.
Whoever I am,
nothing's gonna change me.
Like said,

At least we still have our 'Like' button on facebook. So life ain't that bad ;)

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