Sunday, May 31, 2009

mummy chill :P


Over at mummy's place. Didnt wanna stay over at dad's. MUM did lost some weight. Looks like its my turn now. Mum let me drove her car and I scared the hell outta her.

ME : Mum, get down the car. Hand over it to me now and nobody gets hurt. (HAHA)
MUM : (got down) You can anott?? Its not manual.
ME : Isn't manual easier? haha.
( I started driving)

MUM : Wei wei wei wei.
ME : Chill mum! I've got license okayy? So, how's my driving skills?
MUM : Dunno yet lah. WEI slower lah.

(I wanted to park the car)

MUM : Can anot?
ME : C'mon mum. Let me do it. See? Not bad right?
MUM : Okla okla. lek la.

oh mum (:

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