Monday, May 4, 2009

imma retard

Books are making me dozing off lately. This is a bad sign. Very very bad.
I totally have no idea about whats being taught in class nowdays.
Despite of the upcoming mid term and SPM.. oh well i dont know.

Didnt I mentioned 'I'll be back after the mid terms' on my previous post? Damn.

I'm so not gonna blog after this.Whaddaheck am i crapping? Fcuk.

I could the the flabs and the cellulite getting more extreme in within me. Oh damn.
They're struggling to take over the missy muscles. Ohfark. No good.
Workouts!! Workouts!!

Fatin touched my tummy today. I felt humiliated :(
But she said " OMG Mag! Damn hard wey your tummy. your muscles. cun la. "

Whadahell? You call that hard? Its friggin saggy and flabby and soft and EWWWW!

Okay. Ass off to study and workouts!
Have been missing 4 days of 100sets of situps already. I'm so lazy.

Ass off you cellulites. Please. Flabs. They're like what soongyi said. smashed tofu. yikes.


Yay. Baby's gonna get me brown contact lenses :))
Shit. I lost my eraser.
Nobody's gonna pull us apart
You're a part of me, my life, my everything
You're indeed a need for me baby
Tell me
You Love Me

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