Saturday, May 9, 2009

Are you nuts?


Tell me what to do now. I was half way through my history notes.
And i thought of mum.

(so, i texted my sis)

Me : Where're u?

Sis: Dad's place.

Me : Are you gonna be with mum this sunday?

Sis: Dont know ah.

Me : WTH. its mother's day.

Sis: I know. Then?

Me : Are you gonna celebrate with her?

Sis: Dont know ah.

Me: Great daughter.

Sis: Thankyou.

Ohfuckyoulah. Dont ever talk to me like that. Damnit damnit damnit!

If I'm there with you guys, I'd give mum her best ever Mummy's Day. Fckyou.
Dont ever talk to me like that again. Dont even try you monstaaa! I fcking hate you now.

(breathes in)

(breathes out)

Sorry for the foul words. I couldnt take it. Oh damn it! DENG.

And rajloo asked me to chew the pencil. Fart on my face?? Ohdamn.


Hoi steph, ARE YOU NUTS?!

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