Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm pickin' back the memories!

I missed em all ):

I did the right thing.
Capturing the moments of my life. I cant remember every single detail of it.
Now that i have captured it. I'm pickin' back the memories mann. HAHA.

I'm like

'Wow. when did i do that?'

'Omg. when was that?'

'I look so cute lah'


Haha. Here's some.

When your own sibling tries to murder you
Its not a good thing.
Here's an example. HAHA.
(okay. its so fake)
Yellow Mountain
It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen in my life
so far la. lol.

YuYuan Old Street, Shanghai.
Starbucks. Classic eh? I like this.

zhu rou han baubau
I call it McPork

Me and Tiff queued for 2hours. wth.
Anyway worth it la.
Xiao long bao?
Little Dragon Pau?

I guess its time for me to realise that ITS TIME TO STUDY!
Gonna study my ass off. I'll be back after the mid term.
But first,
I'll take a nap.

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