Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The war had just ended.
My dream had just begun (:

I slept for an hour during my Physics Paper 2. Great? I seriously dont want to know my results this time round. I can feel it now even. The smell of disaster and yet my parents thinks I'm just fooling them about " Mum, I'm sorry. I really didn't study this time".

Ohwell, parents (:

Okay. My final gathering for The Year of 2009. St. Michael's Institutions. I'm in dilemma of whether i should go or should i not? I think I am. Give me 26hours a day? It would be just nice then. Hooray. Dream on you. HAHA.

Driving test is like TOMORROW??! Okay. God bless me.
Clutch and gears and wheels and DONT SLEEP AGAIN.


Was having my driving lesson on monday. I was so bored of it that I actually get sleepier and sleepier ( is there such a word? LOL). I closed my eyes without myself realizing it okay. How dangerous could that be?

And when my instructor went : Wei wei wei. Look. You're outta your lane.
( popped my eyes open and saw a big truck coming towards me at about 3.5km away?)

How dangerous could that be?

You tell me. HAHA.

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