Monday, May 25, 2009

When the turning point just refuses to turn

Yesterday was truly a nightmare. Calls from everyone. everyone! One after another. i repeated repeated and repeated. Its scary. Shivers down my spine, seriously.

I feel so ashamed right now. Anything to cover my shitty face? Dang. I want to blog about it, but i dont want. I want. NO i dont. Ahh shut up mag. Go away please.

Shit. I'm insane like again?! Fuck.

Alright. Thank god that he was there for me. Warmest hug ever. No girls would want to let go if he hugs them. Haha. Whatever.

I hope sis is alright now. In case she reads my blog which i doubt she would even click on my link. Haha,.

Grow up from the mistakes alright? Your friends still care for you. They miss you okay? Dont be sucha pessimist babi. I'll drive ya out when you come back. Dont cry already. Now you know why I've been scolding you last time? This is just your first fall. Stand up. I'll give u my hand if you cant. Alright?? Call me if you've got anything. Ohya one more thing. Dont be sucha stingy ass la. Transfer 3bucks also cannot. Then i wont drive you out. Call taxi :P

Found some pictures while browsing through the folders.

Guess its time to get back in action. 200 sit ups.
Okay la. -50 for the first week :P

The top actually cost about RM400+.
I liked it but not worth of buying.
So, i placed it back onto the rack.

This is still under strict consumption of food you see?
But now it has become 'nice-food-then-EAT!' plan.

I skipped school today.
Physics tomorrow.

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