Sunday, May 31, 2009

9.01 am

Its 9.01 am.

I should be sleeping like an unconcious pig on my cozy bed. Gathering yesterday was alright. I screw up the dance part. Okay, people should listen to my explaination now. HAHA.

:: We started our dance at 10am that day.
:: My dance partner, we haven't been working together for a long time. We're both different dancers.
:: I sort of cracked my back , the spine. During the curving up part. Its swollen now.

Okay. I shall not continue any further. Its meaningless. I SCREWED IT ALREADY.

Okay. My bus is departing at 10am and I'm still here, not ready at all.

7 hours journey.
Its just 7hours and I'll see mummy and daddy (:

Oh and the babi, StephWang. HAHA.

I should bath now.

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