Thursday, May 21, 2009

Turning Point

Addmaths just killed me.
I seriously need some lectures from my boyfriend right now.
Thank god he'll be back tomorrow. I could bare even breathe.
haha. Hyperbola.

Okay. I did rather badly this time and Trials are like what? 4 months away? Great.

Things have been popping right in front me these days. Not a good thing :(

1. Some murder + robbery around my housing area.
( The mother , kid and the maid got killed. Rest In Peace )

2. Some irrational confessions by a MARRIED man. I repeat, MARRIED man. (Oh fcuk)

3. D.O.D.E Disease.
( Dozing Off During Exam Disease)

4. I'm gonna fail my Addmaths. Ahh. lifeless mann.

' Are you a girl? Please keep your table clean'
Yeah. My 13 years old cousin told me.


Books sure does cost alot. heh.
preserve the environment please.

I really need a new pair of LOVE.
converse (:

I need my boyfriend now!

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